Hear Us Roar – The Goods and Services That Roar

If you’re looking for a clear difference when it comes to postal suppliers, look no further than Roar Postal Supplies & Solutions.  We are a woman owned, family run business that caters to business – both big and small!

Roar Postal Supplies & Solutions is a leading provider of compatible postage meter supplies such as:

  • Postage Meter Ink Cartridges
  • Postage Meter Tape
  • Postage Meter Sealing Solution
  • Addressing Ink Supplies
  • Postal Tray Tags & Cover Up Labels
  • Postal Rubber Bands
  • Laser Toner & Inkjet Cartridges
  • Thermal Labels & Ribbons

If you were offered a better price, superior service and quality products, why WOULDN’T you switch to Roar?

Roar has two distinct advantages over the competition:

SERVICE – When a customer calls Roar Postal Supplies, the phone is answered by a real, live Roar representative. Stellar customer service the way it used to be and a wealth of experience in the mailing industry is what separates our company from all others in this business.  We are not web sellers, our company focuses on providing top-notch personal customer service.

We foster relationships with customers, who come to know us as well as we get to know them.

EXPERIENCE – With 33 years of experience in the mailing industry, Roar has earned the right to your business because we know the machines, manufacturers, and all related supplies used by mailrooms and mail processing centers.
When you combine these two key differences from the competition along with excellent products and competitive pricing, it’s hard not to hear us Roar.

Roaring into the Marketplace

In today’s competitive business environment, companies are under pressure to increase profits by reducing cost. Competition always drives product costs down, thus improving profits.

There are two major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of postage meters in the US. Pitney Bowes® and Neopost®/Hasler® own 95% market share of the postage meter business.  Until recently OEM’s of postage meters supplies could charge whatever they wanted because there was no competition. Many times OEM technicians tell customers that compatible postage meter supplies are inferior and they will cause damage to the postage meter.  Postage meter manufacturers have held their customer’s captive by making them believe that they could only use supplies manufactured by them or their warranty agreement will be voided. The Sherman Antitrust Act (1890) and Magnuson-Moss Act (1975) protect customers from anti-competitive conduct. Our compatible postage meter supplies are equal to or better than the OEM producing higher yields.

In April of 2008, Roar Postal Supplies entered the postage meter supply business. Before we began selling product we did research to find the best manufacturers. We tested our compatible ink cartridges at one of the largest processors of first class mail in the U.S. The ink cartridges were flawless and produced much higher yields.

In order to become more competitive and to improve product quality Roar Postal Supplies has started hiring manufacturers to make our own compatible products. Because of OEM patents many of our postage meter ink cartridges that we market use the OEM original core. We are not a refill service. Our compatible ink cartridges are re-manufactured. The old ink is drained, flushed and a new, re-engineered chip is added. To get the highest yields possible out of the postage meter print heads Roar Postal buys the best fluorescent ink on the market. Our re-engineered chips are inspected and do not violate OEM patents.

Compatible remanufactured postage meter ink cartridges provide eco-friendly alternatives for our environment. By remanufacturing old postage meter ink cartridges, we conserve energy and we keep old ink cartridges out of landfills. Roar Postal Supplies has tested a complete line of remanufactured compatible ink cartridges for all postage meters and stand ready to launch the new products in the very near future.